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The MANOLO PAZ MUSUEM OF CONTEMPORARY ART centres its discourse on Contemporary Art and on the work of Galician sculptor, Manolo Paz, with the artist and his work as the common thread. His works are the most transcendent and representative works in the development of Galician contemporary art. The artistic richness of Paz's works constitutes a rich heritage that is a part of Galician Historical Heritage.

The Museum is located near the mouth of the Umia River, in beautiful surroundings; a place where visitors discover sculptures brimming with strength, the nudity of the material and the essence of the natural surroundings.


"…How to make stones speak. The ancestral dream of making inanimate objects come to life, of establishing a dialogue with the inert, to which humans must inevitably return at the end of their lives, constitutes one of the most persistent fantasies of the collective imagination. In Galician sculptor Manolo Paz's work, that dream reaches an almost musical formulation in its play with scale, volume and repetition of forms. It's about opening the stones, opening them so they may see, because if not, they would be in the dark. And, sure enough, when one contemplates them in his Quintáns prairie, lined up facing the sea, one understands how the ultimate meaning of these menhirs, how the meaning of all the other rocks jealously and intimately configurated, can only be perceived through their integration within the landscape. With the ancestral green hues of Galician land, with the sea that beautifully limits the horizon drawn in the menhir's window…"

José Jiménez

"…The materials born of the land, like the ancestral granite that ties him to megalithic and Galician cultures, return to their birthplaces like prodigal descendents educated by artistic hands, leading him to eliminate pedestals, in many cases, to regain contact with the floor, returning to the rock's natural position.
His world is a poetic game of opposition and contrast, of nothing and everything, of light and through it, shadow; of primitivism dressed by artistic action, the finite that tinges the infinite, an eclectic universe of material studies that bring him close to Röckrein, Wethmann, Falkensteln or Noguchi, gradually conceptualising his work in terms of composition…"

"…Manolo Paz is an essential artist, capable of creating his works out of very little, works that speak for themselves to the point of becoming the icons of a city – I'm thinking of his Familia de Menhires in La Coruña - , something few artists, who may be easier to defend and probably have better luck with the critics in certain moments, will achieve. Manolo Paz's art is pure art. Without artificial colours. And this, in a world saturated by iconoclastic images and neon advertising, is worthy of appreciation above all…"

David Barro

Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 20:00, by appointment.

Admission Prices

General Admission 5€
Senior citizens, students and educational programmes 2€
Groups (with reservation) 3€


Admission prices will be increased by €1.50 per person if the group tour, with a minimum of 25 visitors, is accompanied by one of our guides.


The Manolo Paz Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Cambados, in the Parish of Castrelo.


Latitude 42º 29' 24.65" N
Longitude 8º 48' 41.83" W


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