Certificates of Authenticity

The Manolo Paz Foundation for Contemporary Art will only accredit original works of art.

Certificates will be issued for works that have been directly examined by the Foundation's experts. For this, the applicant must deliver the work in question to the Manolo Paz Foundation for Contemporary Art, which will act as depository, or pay the expenses of the transfer of the Foundation's experts to the place where the work is located.

It is the applicant's responsibility to pay for all of the fees to transfer the work to and from the Foundation.

The work will be delivered with all the available technical documents in order to facilitate its study.

After applying for the certificate, the applicant must deposit a fee of 50 Euros in the Foundation's bank account IBAN.................., Swift code...................... for expenses and to open an initial file.

The fee for studying the work and issuing the certificate is € 300.

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